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Lizzie Jenkins has recorded the song she co-wrote with her mother, Theresa Brown Robinson.
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signing of House Bill 591

MAY 4, 1994: GOVERNOR LAWTON CHILES signed into law House Bill 591, which compensated eleven living survivors $150,000 each and paid smaller amounts to descendants for property loss and violent attacks on the citizens of Rosewood from January 1 – 8, 1923. In addition, it was approved to establish a Rosewood Family Scholarship that is accessible to Rosewood family descendants. Governor Chiles said, “This was the State's way of apologizing for a blind act of bigotry.”

The Browns, those directly related to Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier, received approximately $20,000 total, as a result of this bill being passed. See recipients below:

Theresa Brown Robinson $3,333.33
Richard B. Brown


Marie Brown Randel $3,333.33
Queenie Brown Monroe $3,333.33
Arbeaulah Warmack $1,668.16
Addison P. Brown $1,668.16
Charlie Crawford $834.08
Elizabeth Crawford Mulligan $834.08
Bernice Crawford Cameron $834.08
Mabel Thomas Crawford $834.08




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