“Taking a Negative Effect, Making a Positive Affect.”


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Read about how Alachua County’s African American ancestry contributed significantly to the area’s history in Lizzie Jenkins' book, Alachua County, Florida.

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theresa-robinsonThe mother of Lizzie Jenkins and the sister of Mahulda Carrier, Theresa Brown Robinson was a Rosewood historian who provided Lizzie enough information to interest and direct her in safeguarding Rosewood's history. She never lived in Rosewood but was given firsthand accounts of the brutality and senseless loss of life and property as witnessed by her sister, Mahulda. Theresa cautioned Lizzie to never insult or attack anyone for what happened to Mahulda because they did not instigate the Rosewood massacre.

She instructed Lizzie, "Baby, just tell the story from what I'm telling you that was told to me by 'Sister' (her term of endearment for Mahulda). Let's write a song that will tell the Rosewood story."

They accomplished her song-writing goal in 1995 and watched the movie ROSEWOOD before Theresa passed away in 1997.

She was 21 years old, single, and still living at home with her parents, Charlie and Lizzie Brown when Mahulda, her sister, was delivered home during the Rosewood massacre by her uncle, a taxicab owner, from the Archer depot on January 4, 1923.